Monday, December 21, 2009

Geared up for Working Through the Christmas Vacation

I will be working during the Christmas holiday weeks (don't feel too bad for me) and am actually looking forward to it. This fall has been a little difficult for me work-wise as I geared up for the Wolters Kluwer Health project that was then delayed a couple of months as the legal stuff was finalized. In the past, I have been able to adapt to these shifts better, but not this time. I found myself in reactive mode which annoys the hell out of me, and struggled to get into proactive mode. There were a few brights spots, like the Firebrand Community Conference, which gave me some much needed acceleration. There was also a secret project we are working on which helped, and a fair amount of sales activity to keep busy. But in all, it was a lackluster autumn.

The Wolters-Kluwer project is well underway now, which has helped boost the month of December. As we head into the quiet weeks of Christmas, I have plenty of project planning and detail design work to do on data conversions and interface development for this project, but I am also going to take advantage of the time to be proactive on some other projects. One side project during this time is to build online demonstrations for some of our software and service by creating short videos of different solutions. Mainly, I want to tee-up a bunch of stuff to launch into 2010 with a renewed vigor.

My Inbox is empty, my desk is cleared, and it is time to get proactive. Whoever is left to read this blog post, make the most of the next two weeks. For the rest of you, enjoy the extended holidays!


Jana said...

I'll do enough nothing for both of us. You're welcome.

P.S. Happy Holidays!

Doug Lessing said...

I always count on you to pick up the slack Jana! That's what friends are for.