Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All Hands On Deck

I guess that is an appropriate analogy given the title of my blog...
We have released Title Management Version 7 and really putting it through its paces. Given our recent successes, and heavy workload of projects, we have everyone at Firebrand Technologies pulling hard to deliver.

Guess who is writing SQL again? While integrating new clients, we have decided to move away from our existing report datawarehouse in favor of a new model of using functions and views for real time data access and simplified reporting. Now that we are officially on a single database platform - MS SQLServer - we can take advantage of database objects more readily. We had built many functions and views and used them in the past at different clients, but the time has come to standardize them and include them in the product. I have also started building out our new wiki at www.firebrandz.com as a permanent reference for these tools.

I was joking with Fran Toolan yesterday, saying that I was back to writing SQL and dusting off my old skills. His comment was 'For the 17th time...'.

Of course, that is what I love about working for a small company that is motivated as a team...whatever it takes. Enough jabber for the morning, I need to get back to my Query Analyzer and Crystal Reports.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Fran Toolan, Ben Todd and I are at the ECPA PUBu event in Chicago last couple of days. This event is very well organized and well attended - not surprising giving the quality of planning and execution that comes out of ECPA at the events I have attended. Ben was a community leader, organizing several sessions on workflow. He and Michael Covington (from ECPA) approached me to deliver a session on efficient title management practices, which I did this morning. You can see an online video of this presentation at http://www.firebrandz.com, under the video section, or you can go direct to Screencast at http://www.screencast.com.

The premise of the 1 hour and 15 minute course is that efficient title management practices are the foundation from which to build a vibrant digital publishing house.

Thanks to Michael for his very constructive criticism on my original presentation and helping me put together a more vibrant course. Now that it is online, Michael, you can crtique the presentation in its entirety!