Thursday, April 10, 2008

Firebrand Technologies is Launched

At the Quality Solutions User Conference, our commander in chief Fran Toolan announced that the company was being re-launched as Firebrand Technologies.

We have been working on this since December, and it is a relief to have the announcement behind us - it was top secret, hush hush. Trust me, this is not a name change for the sake of changing the name. It is way too many late nights just for that. This is about changing attitudes and changing the publishing industry. It's about bringing together the various constituents of the Firebrand Community - 56 clients, 110 trading partners, great organizations like the ECPA and BISG, and well respected friends in the industry - plus the exponential number of community members that they serve. It's about taking convention and turning it on its head. It's about relevance for a company and an industry in a fractured society.

Fran had great fun knighting the 125 folks in the audience as Firebrands - in the best sense of the word.

There is plenty to talk about to convey the excitement we all shared at the newly dubbed 2008 Firebrand Community Conference. We have video, photos, presentations and lots of follow up - in fact, I should be getting the conference feedback survey out the door. Somehow we pulled off a Trifecta - User conference, Company Relaunch and unveiling a major (emphasize major) new release in Title Management 7.0.

But for the moment, it is just nice to be back up in the loft for a couple of days after weeks of long trips to Newburyport, late nights, early mornings, and time away from my girls.

I have to say, though, that I wouldn't trade this journey from Quality Solutions to Firebrand Technologies for anything at the moment. What a nice buzz.