Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Promise I Won't Blog About It

On Friday, I will receive my new iPad (3G, 64GB in case you were wondering).

Here is my pledge to you:

  • I promise I will not blog about it
  • I promise I will not tell you that it is 3.786 ounces heavier than a Kindle
  • I promise I will not tell you that it is 5.876 ounces lighter than the average trade hardcover
  • I promise that I will not remind you that it is a backlit screen which can cause eye strain or make it difficult to read in direct sunlight
  • I promise not to complain that the selection of titles in the three week-old iBookstore  has a limited selection of titles
  • I promise not to tell you that the battery life runs to 12.1 hours - in excess of the stated 10 hours

Most importantly I pledge to you:
  • I promise not pontificate about whether it will 'Save Publishing'. Does it need to be 'Saved' or simply kicked into gear and recognize supplemental opportunities? I believe this line of discussion is juvenile and tabloid-esque - even though it appears in the New York Times. (I won't link to the article and waste your time)
  • I promise not to pontificate about whether it is a 'Kindle Killer'. 

Since I am not a bitter old, cynic - even though it may sound like I am from this post - here is my pledge of the things I WILL do:
  • I promise I WILL unwrap with great anticipation
  • I promise I WILL find many,many more uses for it than I can even dream of now, just like I did with my iphone
  • Most importantly, I promise I WILL browse the iBookstore, select a few tasty titles and enjoy reading a good book on my new device, just like I have with my lovely, slightly klunky Kindle and even slightly klunkier Nook. 

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In a year or two, the device will become nearly irrelevant and what will matter is great, high quality ebook content that is easy to buy and enjoyed the way the reader wants..

I pledge to you, my dozen faithful blog visitors, that if I read a good book on ANY device, I will let you know here.