Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brings Tears to My Eyes

I am admittedly a geek. Seeing a new version of our software come to life very nearly brings tears to my eyes (not really, but you get the point). We have hit many key milestones during this long journey of completely re-engineering our Title Management software from a Windows client server app to a web based application. And this is one of them. Although we have had our web based Title Management in use for several years for specific constituents, and have installed Title Management Version 7.0 on the web exclusively to new clients coming aboard, Version 7.1 represents the first real opportunity for our existing clients to begin the migration to the new environment.

This is true for two key reasons. One, all of the core functionality pre-existing in Title Management desktop now exists in Title Management Web. In version 7.1 we completed the re-engineering of the advanced Add New Title wizard, Title Relationships, Citations, in particular. Secondly, we have completed the necessary conversion programs to upgrade existing clients with years of data - in particular in the Production Scheduling.

I will be unveiling Title Management Version 7.1 this week at our Firebrand Community Conference - nothing like a 'galvanizing event' to bring the team together. This version has been very stable and I will be proud to show it off. Some final additions made it in last week which really make V7.1 shine including:
- Re-designed Title Summary placing related functions under tabs - this window was getting a bit 'busy' with all of the new functions
- Jacket Image previews in the new re-designed Title Summary section
- File Upload to the new file repository structure for better content management especially for our hosted clients
- Improved field sorting on the Task window - already a powerful window

I really felt like I was being handed candy by our development team as they made the final push to bring these key items into the version.

Here are a few shots of the new windows:
Title Summary with Jacket Image preview,added fields and new Title Relationships tabs which include the new Onix Title and Supply Chain relationships:

The Marketing content tabs including Comments/Copy, Citations/Reviews, Categories and File Locations:

The new Upload File dialog window, allowing local files to be uploaded to the new File Repository, including the new Virtual Directory file structure

What more can I say? Someone pass me a hanky.

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